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Welcome Affiliates!

>55% of adults in the USA invest on stock markets 
>90% fail


Similar failure/success ratio can be found across the world.

We aim to change this.

Simple Monetization:

a) 1 Year access for $59

expires automatically, no cancellation required.

30% sales commission

b) Monthly subscription $6

every month, until cancelled.

30% recurring commission

Our tools provide traders and investors instant and educated assistance in making smart and confident decisions in risk management, strategy and timing.

We merge know-how in markets and statistics with amazing UX and ease of use across devices to adopt to our customers habits for easy access.

Our affiliates are are our partners and critical to our success. We will support you with everything you need to become successful.


We aim to provide the best solution and service possible to our customers and we only want partners which see the customers at the same priority. Hence, affiliates that breake following terms
will be immediately and permanently blacklisted. All advertising must not include deceptive, misleading, untruthful, unsubstantiated content. All activities must comply with applicable federal and state consumer protection laws, regulations, and guidelines; such as but not limited to SPAM Act, Consumer marketing law etc.

Join us and help to enable confidence and peace of mind in trading and investing!

Who will profit from CD Pro?

All type of market participants will benefit from our service. Here are few examples:

  • Stock, ETF saving plans - adopt your recurring investments to market dynamics and avoid significant drawdowns.

  • Day trader - measure uncertainty for directional positioning.

  • Swing trader - identify exaggerations.

  • Options trader - optimize strategies.

  • Age 18 - 70, 30% female, 70% male

  • Investors on U.S. markets (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, other English speaking countries)

How to generate traffic?

Our most responding sources:

  • Discord, Telegram and Quora

  • Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram)

  • Blogs

How to access?


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Please remember to replace “AFFILIATE” with your username.

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You will get free training and 1 month free access to all features of our tools.

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