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Our Mission to help mid and long term oriented traders and investors to make smart and confident decisions in their risk management, strategy and timing by visualizing stock markets data and its dynamics.

Our tools allow you to capture the current market situation in a data driven but instantly and easily digestible way.

In addition, if you want, our messaging service will ring your bell when its time to move to safety.

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If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.

Norman Ralph Augustine

Starting trading and investing you will get overwhelmed with thousands of magic indicators, strategies and services which promise highest growth rates and lowest draw-downs. Most of them are not transparent, not consistent and not sustainable.

Unfortunately, there is no magic indicator or guru who makes you successful and rich! There is only one way to succeed: develop your skills, use the right tools, work systematical and manage emotions.

We'll help you to understand and oversee the most important data that indicates market stability covering both micro and macro economics. No complex equations, but condensed know-how and digestible data and its visualization.

This won't protect you from losses, but, your win rate and gains will be higher by placing more educated setups, at the right time and in the right environment.

Investors should purchase stocks like they purchase groceries, not like they purchase perfume.

Ben Graham

In the mid and long term your trading performance will correlate to the quality of your decisions and those depend on the quality and versatility of your sources, data and analytics. Successful investors do not follow blindly any indicators or stock advice.

Fun fact: majority of indicators are based on time, price and volume. Hence, the result is just the same but in different visualization.

On our dashboards you will find pure market data covering most relevant dimensions delivering a clear and honest indication of market health. This will allow you to manage emotions and systematically decide when and how to position your portfolio.​

“The investor’s chief problem and his worst enemy is likely to be himself.
In the end, how your investments behave is much less important than how you behave.”

Ben Graham

Trading psychology is something that usually raises attention far later then technical and fundamental analysis and other skills. It is often at very late or painful moments and stages of trading careers. 

I had to work on that as well ('ll never stop) and one of those results is this website with the most important data and its consolidation in simplified and quickly digestible barometers.

The actual data shows the naked truth and if you analyse its absolute values, its direction, its dynamics and ratios you can leverage that powerful "edge" and significantly increase the probability and scale of success in your trading. 

Finally, data driven decision making is probably the easiest way to deal with your "enemy" and will help you to manage emotions.

Switch off emotions and leverage data to navigate your portfolio through relaxed, uncertain and rough market periods.

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