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Preventing losses is a better strategy as hedging or waiting for recovery!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

2022 started very bearish for many markets. Very stressful for many traders and investors but not for those using our indicators which impressively demonstrated their power once again!

Right after New Year on January 5th CD Micro showed a massive spike to 67% which is a clear warning and remained in the uncertainty zone except a 1 day release (which is not a buy signal, we wait at least another day for confirmation).

Even risk affine investors should have been moved to safety on January 18th after another spike on CD Micro moving far into the red zone.

Both warnings helped to prevent massive losses due to the following sell-off in all equity indices. Even S&P500 lost over 10% in that period. The "moving to safety" signal on January 5th is just another impressive demonstration how our data driven approach can help to secure success in trading.

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