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Use case: Sell Signal on Nov. 22nd 2021

Here is a simple, recent Use Case:

  • sell if CD micro is running over 50%

  • strong sell if CD micro >70%

  • buy if CD micro is back <50%

  • strong buy if CD micro is <40%

Results for Nov. 2021:

  • CD micro indicated a sell signal expecting bearish conditions at the high on Nov. 22nd.

  • Strong sell signal followed on Nov. 26th.

Here is what followed:

  • S&P500 index (SPY) crashed from Nov. 24th and lost 5.2% the following days.

  • NASDAQ index (QQQ) lost 7.3%

  • RUSSEL 2000 index (IWM) lost 9.7%

This simple signals can be easily applied in swing trading, simple buy and hold strategies on ETF savings plans etc.. The graphs show actual values - no artificial back-testing.

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